Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy has come to be considered one of the up and coming sustainable energy sources. But what is geothermal energy? Geothermal energy is heat from within the earth[1], this heat can be used

Green Technology of the Future

  Technology is amazing and has gone hand in hand with progress in society and many industries. Green technology aids in getting homes energy efficient and aiding in improving people’s lives as well as

The future in Power Grid Technology

On December 2nd, 2017, a giant 129 MWh system was activated in South Australia. The system is a grid storage battery, which happens to be the largest grid storage battery in South Australia. On

Why Get A Home Energy Inspection?

You’ve probably received a letter from your home energy provider recommending a home energy inspection. You’ve seen us recommend that you get one. But what makes it so important that you get one? Let’s

4 Energy Saving Tips

  As the temperature drops and we get closer to snowy days, heating becomes an essential part of keeping any home comfortable. Heating contributes to high energy bills if not done efficiently, but during

Saving Water in Your Kitchen

Saving Water in your Kitchen Water is abundant as 70% of the earth is covered in it. But drinking water is limited in a sense. Using water effectively actual helps save the earth and

The Future of Solar Energy

Solar energy has been around for quite some time, since 1839 to be specific. However, the first silicon photovoltaic cell wasn’t developed until 1954[1]. Originally sold to commercial properties, but as the popularity of

Perk of Home Insulation

There are plenty of good reasons to have your home properly insulated: noise reduction, comfort and most importantly, energy savings. Insulation acts as a barrier keeping unwanted allergens and pollutants out of your home[1].

Ways to Save on your Water Bill

There are many ways to conserve and save on your energy bills. Reduction of water usage is one of them. How many gallons of water would you predict your household uses every day? According

Future of Energy in Cities

It’s not a secret that cities use up a lot of energy. This is only going to increase in the future as it is predicted that the world population will increase by about 2

Transportation Going Green

Cars With the release and popularization of the Toyota Prius in 2000, the idea of hybrid and green cars has been growing rapidly. Now almost every major car company in the United States offers

6 Sustainable Technologies That Are Changing The World

Sustainable technologies are not science fiction anymore. Technology brings society a host of truly marvelous inventions. Planes, trains and automobiles are all byproducts of a society that values time, efficiency and progress. But often

Solar Windows

This could change the way we see Solar power. This could change the way we use windows. Looks like the world of tomorrow could be a way greener place, and it may not be

Trees – In And Over Your Home

Trees can do wonders for your home’s appearance. But they need to be properly maintained, for the safety of your house and family. In the past we have talked about how trees properly planted


Home lighting is a prime root of all expenses when it comes to your electricity bills.   Solatube Tubular Day-lighting Devices, or TDDs for short, are affordable, high-performance lighting solutions that bring daylight into interior

Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Efficiency: Helping keep your wallet fatter, and your Earth a little greener. Energy efficiency is not just for older homes. According to Energy Star, evaluation data show that a home’s energy efficiency is not

Winter Efficiency Tips

Are You Feeling Winter Bite You Right In Your Energy Bill? Are you among the millions of Americans whose energy bill is through the roof? You’re not alone, especially during these winter months. Did